Saturday, January 30, 2010


salam everybody!
   This picture was taken on the first day of school 2010 in Tadika Tunas Ria Bestari, Bandar Bukit Raja, Klang.
   I guess the first day is the worst case scenario in teacher's diary, but my guess is totally wrong. "Children are like plain cloth. We are the ones who make it Yahudi, Majusi or Nasrani". This is among the famous hadith regarding children.
   When I first received the children on their first day, there are a lot kind of behaviour. Some of them crying, some are laughing and start making friends and some are still shy and hiding at the corner. Children will become our future. If we educate them well, insyaAllah they will become a great mukmin.
   Nowadays, I saw a lot of people think that their child need to learn English as young as 4 years old. It is good to teach our children about the international language as early as that. But, some parents make a wrong choice regarding their children school. Most of them think that non-muslim kindergarten is better coz they speak in English most of the times.
   But, do parents really think about their children education only? How about the food they're serve for our kids? How about their prayers? What are they learning from the non-muslim kindergarten? Are they learning how to make their prayers?
   I have a few parents who transfered their children from non-muslim kindergarten into muslim kindergarten coz they already know the truth. They heard their children reciting prayers to God Father. They heard their children sing a song that usually sing in the church.
 Are we really think for our children? Think about it before you make the decision...I know you want the best for your children... but think about your decision wisely before you make it...
   Some parents can afford to pay thousands of ringgit to non-muslim kindergarten for their English medium teaching, but they can't afford to pay hundreds of ringgit to muslim kindergarten. Which one is more important? Our religion or others?
   Think about it...think about our children...think about our religion...Hopefully you will make the best decision for our Ummah :)